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August 23, 2015

Press Release:

Ladies and Gentleman,

It is a pleasure to announce that Sound Sports Net, a digital sports portal and entertainment business, is now in full operation.

Since 2012, Sound Sports Net has presented over 200 live sporting events for a wide audience throught the Pacific Northwest and worldwide exposure.

After much inquiry, input, and many heartfelt comments about our coverage and contributions for the communities of Western Washington, Sound Sports Net has returned to bring live coverage of sporting events once again.

We are looking forward to once again deliver the best quality of product, commentary, and presentation of local sports for the masses throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world.

Please feel free and take the time out to communicate with your fellow sports fans, school administrators, business owners, and community leaders, to where together we can make a difference.

Comments may be addressed via e-mail to:



It is most appropriate to note to the public, there is a web entity using the name, Sound Live Sports Network. SLSN for short, having used such name in webcast games with association of the Edmonds School District.

Previously operating under the business name of, SLSN as it is called presently, initially infringed upon Sound Sports Net on September 4, 2013, as discovered from a press release Such conduct and intent to dilute an established business trade name, brand, and product, causing confusion to the general public and irrevocable damages, are nothing short of egregious and reckless acts. This matter is being addressed and in progress of reasonable action.

It is in the public interest that such conduct be presented in this forum to all parties involved and those interested in the knowledge of such business practices on the part of SLSN, or its parent company, My Edmonds News, and its owner, Teresa Wippel Communications, LLC.

Sound Live Sports Network (SLSN), presently infringes on the existing business trade name, registered trademarks, and the name of this website, “Sound Sports Net“, continually doing so with absolutely no regard to the Registered Trademark in place by the website and business owner, whose said trade name, trademarks, logos, and slogans collectively, are protected by law.

Such Registered Trademark for business purposes is a matter of intellectual property, by authority and signed by the Secretary of State for the State of Washington, Ms. Kim Wyman on August 1, 2012.

Such Registered Trade Name is a matter of public record , documentation for the registered business owner and appropriate materials can be available for review and inspection, as per the request of interested parties and accessed through the Washington State Department of Revenue website.

All materials mentioned above is accessible on the following websites:



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