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We believe in the core values of the successful predecessors before us in the field of sports broadcasting and news content. With sound principles applied in every presentation, journalistic credibility, personal accountability, character, integrity, and practical business ethics, are the fabric of Sound Sports Net. We engage actively in the area of interpersonal communications to accomplish goals and achieve success, individually and collectively, to go above the call, be relevant to the issues of education, athletic achievement, and our differences in the societal landscape.

At Sound Sports Net, we value every association, interaction, and cultivating a culture to establish trust, respect, and admiration for those who strive to the very best at their discipline, craft, and vocation.  At SSN, we strongly encourage inclusion and deliver a product that is creative, unique, and personalized. No cookie cutter, one size fits all brand of presentation.

It is the mission of Sound Sports Net to actively promote the student-athletes, teams, student bodies, everyone we engage and participate with in coverage of events. To demonstrate and engage in performance and coverage of high school sports with the premise and scope of access, opportunity, and encouragement of active participation of all involved.

We are respectful with one and all we associate with on a professional basis, and believe strongly in the open access and opportunity in coverage of sport and its participants, without restriction, constraint, and limitations.

Our air personalities believe in effectively communicating on a level of professionalism, delivery of product that will not be rivaled, to exceed the level of expectations befitting the reputation of every person affiliated with Sound Sports Net, and every client we meet.

To inform, educate, and entertain…is what makes us at Sound Sports Net…standout from our competition, no matter the platform.

The personalities are not the stars, they are the messengers.

We make the players, coaches, and teams the stars of the programs we perform each and every time.

No exceptions!

We thank you for your patronage and support of Sound Sports Net.

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