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Jon “JJ” Jensen

Play-by-play Announcer

A lifelong native of the Northwest, Jon “JJ” Jensen has traveled the highways and by-ways throughout Washington State in media for over 35 years.

From the small communities to the major markets, Jensen delivers something special to a presentation every night.  The passion and personality presented in his sports broadcasts are recognized statewide and beyond, including overseas in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

A 1999 graduate from Washington State University, Jensen earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Broadcast Communications from the acclaimed Edward R. Murrow School of Communication, along with a Sport Management degree from the Educational Development and Counseling Psychology department from WSU.

“Media is ever changing and evolving, certainly where terrestrial radio is concerned” said Jensen. “Yet, the internet is massive, more intimate and socially vast. To take the tradition of high school sports on a Friday night, merging with the power of social media and portable technology, anyone can have access to events anywhere, at anytime. It makes for compelling entertainment.”

Prior to attending university, Jensen served honorably in the US Air Force, where he performed his talents with the Armed Forces Network overseas in Tokyo, Japan.

“As personalities in the booth, we paint the picture, tell the stories, and provide the components and ambiance as if you were at the stadium or the gymnasium”, Jensen said. “The primary focus is on the entire athletic programs and making the impact of presenting a product everyone can learn from, appreciate, and be interactively involved with the fans.  To make the overall experience worthwhile for all involved and do so with humility, pride, and purpose.”

Along with covering high school sports, Jensen has performed play-by-play duties at the collegiate and professional levels. Of note, he has broadcast for his alma mater at WSU, the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC), Arena Football 2, and the Indoor Football League.

“As a sports personality, the passion for sport and the inclusiveness of what technology brings to the communities at home and abroad, mean so much for so many”, said Jensen. “Have a giving heart and passion in everything you do, comes back to all involved with dividends. You take care of those who take care of you, that is what community is all about.”

Outside of sportscasting, Jensen enjoys information technology, audio and video production, also very passionate about music and entertainment.

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